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Southern People

Introduction. This section of the GRITS Web site provides projects that encourage student investigation of southern people, including native Americans, European explorers, settlers, and immigrants.

Southern People Projects.

  • Authors of the Southeast--Ever wonder how an author comes up with an idea for a book? Or, if the characters really existed? Elementary and middle school students will have a chance to ask famous authors these questions and more.
  • Trailing DeSoto, Then and Now--This project focuses on changes in the southeast from the time of Hernando DeSoto’s exploration to the present. Using research skills, expository writing, and map skills, students will work in teams to create electronic files comparing then and now.
  • Science Adventurers, Time of Their Lives--NASA has several homes in the southeast and is home to many astronauts. Yet, the southeastern states are also home to adventurers in many areas of science--from inventors to Nobel Prize winners to discoverers. This project provides students with the opportunity to study famous southern scientists.