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Southern Culture

Introduction. This section of the GRITS Web site provides projects that encourage student investigation of southern culture, ranging from the arts and music, to common livelihoods among its people.

Southern Culture Projects.

  • Archifluences--This Webquest involves student research into influences on southern architecture, with analogical reasoning to design a new community technology center with local influences.
  • Who Has the Blues?--This Webquest involves student research into the blues musical style, working with databases, and communicating findings through group discussion and/or multimedia presentations.
  • Making a Difference for Current and Future HBCU Students--This Webquest engages high school students in background research and the development of products related to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).
  • Soup-to-Nuts Project--This project focuses on how historical settlement and the agriculture of an area impacts its foods and local recipes. Using research skills, expository writing, and map skills, students will work in teams to create electronic files on local recipes and foods.
  • River Songs--This project focuses on river songs, or tales of navigating rivers in six southeastern states.
  • Tracks to Progress--This project explores railroads of the Southeast and their impact on the region during the past century and a half.
  • European Tech Connect--In this project, classes will combine their social studies research skills and charting skills in a multimedia presentation comparing a European country to a southeastern state.